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Circles are facilitated face-to-face meetings in a circle format. This format is adopted from Native American tradition and proven to build relationships and trust between diverse groups.  As a result of these processes, challenges, conflicts or potential biases are uncovered and replaced with greater understanding and connection among participants.

We provide programming in-person and online via Zoom.  All of our presentations and classes are interactive and can be adapted to the various logistical needs of participating organizations.

what we offer


Dialogues are an immersive, facilitated process designed to build relationships and trust between diverse groups of people, such as students and their teachers or at-risk youth and law enforcement officers.  The purpose is to provide a venue for participants to share stories and experiences that allow for enhanced understanding, greater trust and stronger connections.  Dialogues often serve as an entry point to address challenges and/or conflicts, among groups that may have negative views of one another due to societal conflict and/or imbalances of power.  During this half-day experience participants will have conversations that encourage the “humanization” of those they may see as “others.”


From Conflict to Connection

This workshop is helpful for team building in organizations and workplaces.  It can enhance workplace productivity by improving relationships among staff and between staff and clients.

    • Explore necessary elements of healthy realtionships
    • Learn practical tools for establishing and maintaining good relationships and restoring broken ones
    • Learn ways to navigate conflict, while maximizing respect, understanding, accountability and connection.

From Surviving to Thriving

This workshop is for those who have survived trauma and for the people who serve them.  The objectives are to:

    • Gain greater understanding of trauma and its impact
    • Identify ways to help prevent and/or alleviate secondary trauma
    • Explore resilience, restoration and hope, so that participants feel empowered to move through emotional challenges and empower other to do the same.

Circle Facilitation Training

All of these workshops reengaging and interactive, using real life scenarios and examples that give this training opportunity immediate value and relevance for participants.  Circles 1.0 is prequisite for other workshops.  Each workshop is one day-long.

    • Circles 1.0: teaches basics of the Circle Process and ways Circles may be used in everyday life, along with activities and skills useful for team and community building
    • Circles 2.0: builds on Circle basics and provides understanding and tools to help transform conflict and facilitate healing
    • Circles 3.0: is a deeper dive into facilitating challenging conversations and restorative circles