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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Effective Communication Seminars

“Social and emotional learning is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.”  -CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning)

SEL is an essential set of life skills fundamental to personal growth and getting along within families, workspaces and communities. SEL curriculums have been utilized with youth and adults in settings including: community service organizations, schools, prisons, detention centers and more.

School based evidence on SEL from CASEL:

Improved academic achievement: 2011 study with 270,000 students, showed 11% improvement

Better behavior: Studies Show decreased dropout rates, school and classroom issues, drug use, teen pregnancy, mental health problems and criminal behavior.

Return on investment: For every dollar spent there was $11 return on investment

What we offer

Circle Up offers a customized Social-Emotional Learning workshops and classes: From a customizable 1/2 day - 2-day workshop to promote SEL and effective communication to a comprehensive 8-12 week SEL curriculum.

From conflict to connection
This workshop is helpful for team building in organizations and workplaces.  It can enhance workplace productivity by improving relationships among staff and between staff and clients.
    • Explore necessary elements of healthy relationships
    • Learn practical tools for establishing and maintaining good relationships and restoring broken ones
    • Learn ways to navigate conflict, while maximizing respect, understanding, accountability and connection
Positive Attitude Formula
How often have you heard…or said, “You better change that attitude!”?  Many of us agree that a positive attitude is essential to success in every area of life.  Yet rarely, if ever, does anyone explain what that means or how to do it. In this workshop, learn how to cultivate a positive attitude and help others do the same.


s.e.l.f. renewal

Social-Emotional Life Focused Renewal, an introduction to Restorative Practices
A 12-sessions course for youth and /or adults.  This course can be offered in a variety of ways to meet various logistical needs.  Participants completing the course will:
    • develop their capacity to identify and manage their own emotions
    • learn to recognize and understand others’ emotions
    • learn a process for responsible decision-making
    • gain tools for transforming conflict
    • learn how to have a positive influence on others, through effective communication and empathy
Modules and Objectives:
Session 1:  Paradigms & Possibilities
Session 2:  The Power to Choose and the Courage to Grow
Session3:  The Foundation of Relationships: Trust and Respect
Session 4:  Boundaries and Accountability, the Keys to Freedom
Session 5:  Understanding Needs, Feelings and Behavior
Session 6:  Dealing with Difficult Emotions, Part 1: Anger and Sadness
Session 7:  Dealing with Difficult Emotions, Part 2: Fear, Trauma and Resilience
Session 8:  Motivation 3.0
Session 9:  How We Heal: Empathy and Compassion
Session 10:  Communication, Conflict and Creating Change
Session 11:  Defining Moments
Session 12:  Hope and Paying It Forward
8 to great©
8-part personal empowerment process, suitable for teens and/or adults.  The process encompasses vision and dream-building, risk-taking, personal responsibility, emotional intelligence, communication skills, forgiveness and gratitude… opening hearts and minds to experience hope.  It is currently being utilized with success in schools, detention facilities, non-profit organizations and businesses throughout the country.